jueves, noviembre 01, 2007

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sábado, junio 02, 2007

* I'll miss all of you

We have to make decisions in every moments of our lives and two days ago I had to make a very difficult one. You were so nice and warm with me. Thanks to all of you. I'll never forget you. I promise. May God be with you in every moment of your lives. Good luck.

lunes, diciembre 04, 2006

* You're beautiful

domingo, diciembre 03, 2006

* You've got a friend

sábado, diciembre 02, 2006

* The end is near

Oh yes, the end of the year is near. I'll have to say goodbye to those people who have been so nice and warm with me. Like a secondary student I'll leave the school where I have been working for almost a year. They are leaving the school on December. I'll leave it on February. Thanks to all the people who either work or study there. It was a wonderful experience to teach English to these boys and girls and I'm really sad because I''ll never see them again but I have to accept the rules. I was hired only for this year. I think I did a good job. I hope they have a similar opinion. To my students of 3ero Medio and 4to Medio,: I wish you a wonderful 2007 either at school or at the university. I'll never forget you. I promise. May God be with you in every moment of your lives.Good luck.

jueves, noviembre 30, 2006

* School Days

En mi última clase, sólo quería despedirme y devolver la calidez que me dieron. Había emoción contenida que sin querer hice aflorar y aunque el tiempo estuvo en mi contra, logré que supieran que los quise. Sus mensajes de amistad y de cariño entre ellos me hizo llevarles esta canción.

Esta página es un regalo, un recuerdo.
Mucho éxito y que Dios los acompañe siempre.